Contributions are from the following:

Jonathan Tennenbaum

In a paper intended for Stan’s memorial conference at CUNY in April 2006, Jonathan
Tennenbaum, Stan’s eldest son, gives the fullest account of Stan’s relationship to Education
currently extant. Stan and Jonathan were extremely close and, until leaving La Jolla for
Denmark in 1973, spent a great deal of time in each other’s company, providing Jonathan a
ring-side seat through conversations and observation to understand Stan’s thoughts and
actions regarding education.

Newcomb Greenleaf/Errett Bishop

Errett Bishop, who single-handedly (following Brouwer) developed the revolutionary logical alternative, ‘Constructive’ mathematics, an algorithmic basis for the whole of mathematics denying the law of the excluded middle, was one of Stan’s great friends, a highly cherished intimate since their student days at the U of Chicago. Ever (intellectually) rebuffed by the mathematical community who little understood him, Bishop’s work was determinedly kept alive, indeed thrived, owing in whole to Stan’s efforts and dedication during the 70’s at the New Mexico State University. Newcomb Greenleaf, now a committed ‘Constructivist’, gives us an absorbing account of this period together with background as to his close relationship with
Stan and his path to the ‘Constructivist’ light.

Bill Howard

Bill Howard is a noted figure in mathematical logic. Studying under Saunders Mac Lane and
Andre Weil, he took his PhD at the U of Chicago in 1956 with the thesis ‘k- Fold Recursion and Well-Ordering’. Now Professor Emeritus at UIC, Bill is largely recognized in the mathematical world for his establishment of the relation between intuitionist logic and simply typed lambda calculus, referred to as the Curry – Howard Correspondence.