Stanley Tennenbaum
American Original

Foreword by Rob Tully

Errett Bishop, who single-handedly (following Brouwer) developed the revolutionary logical alternative, 'Constructive' mathematics, an algorithmic basis for the whole of mathematics denying the law of the excluded middle, was one of Stan's great friends, a highly cherished intimate since their student days at the U of Chicago. Ever (intellectually) rebuffed by the mathematical community who little understood him, Bishop's work was determinedly kept alive, indeed thrived, owing in whole to Stan's efforts and dedication during the 70's at the New Mexico State University. Newcomb Greenleaf, now a committed 'Constructivist', gives us an absorbing account of this period together with background as to his close relationship with Stan and his path to the 'Constructivist' light.

Completing his 1961 PhD at Princeton under Serge Lang, the topic 'Local Zeros of Global Forms', Newc moved on to be a Peirce Instructor at Harvard, arriving in 1964 at the U of Rochester as part of Leonard Gillman's programme to build the math department into a world class outfit. Meeting Stan in 1965, they developed a close relationship, Stan's influences continuing to the present. Three years in, Newc departed for the U of Texas, where he gradually came under the spell of bishop's work, albeit the only mathematician in a department of 100 to do so. Seven years in the wilderness Newc left for Boulder to work with the Tibetan teacher Chogyam Trungpa, subsequent to which, after a short stay at a computer graphics firm, he joined the computer science department at Columbia. Today he enjoys a congenial teaching position at Goddard College, finally finding 'my dream teaching job'. He might also be working on his book, working title 'Bible or Cookbook? An Algorithmic Primer to the Book of Math'.

In 1992 Newc published in 'Constructivity in Computer Science' a very interesting 'Bringing Mathematics Education Into the Algorithmic Age'. Signal your interest and I will send it to you. Further he cogently puts forward the constructivist viewpoint in a segment on YOUTUBE: 'Nondual Mathematics: A Tragedy in Three Acts'.