Stanley Tennenbaum
American Original

Foreword by Rob Tully

In a paper intended for Stan's memorial conference at CUNY in April 2006, Jonathan Tennenbaum, Stan's eldest son, gives the fullest account of Stan's relationship to Education currently extant. Stan and Jonathan were extremely close and, until leaving La Jolla for Denmark in 1973, spent a great deal of time in each other's company, providing Jonathan a ring-side seat through conversations and observation to understand Stan's thoughts and actions regarding education.

Consistent with his thoughts on education, Stan permitted Jonathan to attend grade school and high school irregularly, indeed he completed neither. Beginning university courses in mathematics and languages at the U of Rochester at a very early age, Jonathan completed when he was 22 his PhD from the U of California under Errett Bishop, his thesis entitled 'A Constructive Version of Hibert's Basis Theorem'.

Eschewing academia after a few years in Europe, Jonathan has had a rich life in science, research, lecturing, 37 years in the LaRouche organization, involvement in 'physical' economics, intellectual links with and visits to Russia and China. Moving to Berlin in 2003, Jonathan continues an extremely active life, poetry and music performances with his wife Rosa around Berlin, writing in biophysical therapies, his new book 'The Physical Economy of National Development', continued involvement in Russia and Brazil.

For those interested, there are a large number of segments on YOUTUBE featuring various of Jonathan's talks, addresses, and lectures.