Stanley Tennenbaum
American Original

Foreword by Rob Tully

Bill Howard is a noted figure in mathematical logic. Studying under Saunders Mac Lane and Andre Weil, he took his PhD at the U of Chicago in 1956 with the thesis 'k- Fold Recursion and Well-Ordering'. Now Professor Emeritus at UIC, Bill is largely recognized in the mathematical world for his establishment of the relation between intuitionist logic and simply typed lambda calculus, referred to as the Curry - Howard Correspondence.

Stemming from their student days at the U of Chicago in the early 50's, Bill was a lifelong friend and intimate of Stan's up until 1991. As such they saw and were in touch with each other frequently in various circumstances (eg U of C, the farm in Michigan, Penn State, Yeshiva U, IAS, UIC).

The quintessential 'one who was there', Bill provides a fascinating account of his association with Stan over the years in a fulsome email correspondence during 2015/16. This includes not only his address 'My Life With Stan' delivered at Stan's memorial conference in April 2006 but further a large, wide-ranging, body of recollections, stories, comments, reflections covering among other things Stan's early life, his student days, and his connections with Bettelheim, psychoanalysis, Ray Smullyan, Paul Halmos, Andre Weil, the IAS, John Myhill, the Bourbaki....and so on.